About Us

Harnik, is a name associated for the last over four decades, as manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of food products and confectionery.
The Company was started with very humble beginnings by our founder Mr. N.L. Hingorani, after settling in Pune.
Born in Sind, Undivided India, and moving to India, post partition, it had been a long journey and varied experiences of working across Ajmer, Udaipur, Mumbai (erstwhile ‘Bombay’) and finally in Pune.
Pune seemed to be the apt city to settle down and start the business, which started from home, in a production area of about 300 sq.ft.
Slowly and steadily, as the company progressed, the factory was established in the industrial area (M.I.D.C., Pimpri) and is now spread over 35,000 sq.ft.
Unique products and products which India had never seen before were manufactured taking the company to immediate popularity and thus taking the company to the next level !
The journey carries on !
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